For Teachers

Hundreds of schools across Ireland and Northern Ireland take part in Young Voices every year.

We are proud to say that the schools that take part in Young Voices have reported an increase in the numbers of children wanting to join the choir with the most pronounced change being in the number of boys wanting to be involved.

So, how do you take part in Young Voices? Once you have registered your choir using our registration form, our team will provide the required support and resources you'll need.

We also have a Teachers' Community Network, which can provide additional information. This is a support network of other teachers who can give advice on the Young Voices Experience, anything from planning your rehearsals to what to bring on the day.

You can also watch the video below to hear what other teachers think about Young Voices. 

How we can help you:

  • Give your students the performance opportunity of a lifetime at the Citywest Arena, Dublin
  • Engage your students with our diverse range of music arranged especially for them
  • Offer your students the chance to sing alongside incredible artists
  • Make choir practice the most popular activity in school  

How it works:

  • Rehearse with your choir using our support materials, including CD’s and comprehensive Music Pack
  • Sing to a sell out audience on the day of your concert
  • Access support and resources from our very friendly and experienced office staff and through the YV website 

Things you need to know:

  • This is not just any ordinary choir concert – your choir will sing with 3000 other children in a massive arena near you
  • Young Voices uses the best sound, lighting, and production teams, making your concert as spectacular as any other arena concert
  • Your choir will sing a variety of music with amazing artists, from all different backgrounds
  • A Young Voices concert is all about YOUR CHOIR – they are designed to put you and your school at the heart of the production. Your children are THE STARS


As a teacher you can expect so much from the Young Voices experience, not only on the day of the concert but during the period leading up to it.

The team of professionals involved in bringing Young Voices to you are always hard at work making sure that you get the most out of your rehearsal period. From the beginning of the year, we are putting together information packs, musical arrangements, and teacher support CDs so that you can make the most of the time with your choir before the day.

Recently we have developed the YV Teacher Community into an online group where you can discuss various aspects of Young Voices with other teachers and also ask our Community Managers any questions you might have.

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